About us

About Us
Welcome to Erudite Millennium Ltd

Erudite Millennium Ltd is an academic institution established in 2012 to project language practice beyond the Nigerian academia and also prepare students for foreign examinations which include: Cambridge A’ Level, IGCSE, SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. We also prepare students for foreign languages and help process foreign admission.

To help young Africans build disruptive skills, enrich their CVs to easily land competitive jobs and get full funding to study in Ivy Leagues.
To become the number one training centre in Africa that empowers students to face the challenges of the new developmental age.
Our Team
At Erudite Millennium Ltd, we are blessed with a combined pool of resource persons from talented young trainers to distinguished lecturers outsourced from prestigious universities.
What we do
Erudite Millennium Ltd is here to help you achieve your dream through our trusted services. If your goal is simply to pass your foreign exam once or improve your communication skills, you are in the right place. Our priority is our clients and our goal is to always exceed your expectations. Where you are coming from is not an issue. We have students from USA, Qatar, Liberia and states across Nigeria.
Some of our Achievements
We have recorded excellent results in our foreign examinations department.


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What our clients are saying

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In my opinion, Erudite is not a place for the weak minded. It is a place for strong and determined people with eagerness to succeed. As someone who came from outside the country, coming to Erudite most certainly opened my eyes to a lot of things, not only to my surroundings but also within myself. I was able to sail through beautifully and successfully. It definitely wasn't a wrong choice to come here. I appreciate all I've been given at Erudite and value the experiences I received here.
SAFIYYAH, Saudi Arabia

Of course, Erudite Millennium limited is the best place to study for both local and international exams with long-lasting certificates and knowledge. I know this because I prepared for my A' Level Cambridge examination there and it was indeed a success.
MARYAM, Nigeria

What is most notable about Erudite is the utmost professionalism and diligence of the staff members, coupled with the determination to give excellent results in a short period of time and make unimaginable progress. I scored 35/36 in ACT English, A*AA (16/16) in Cambridge A' Level, 1410/1600 in SAT and an overall band score of 8/9 in IELTS, with a band 9 in listening and band 8 in academic writing. For parents who seek both academic and social excellence for their children, Erudite Millennium Limited is the best bet.
AISHAH, Nigeria