Today, we won British Council’s Country Best Award for Cambridge A’ Level biology.
Kudos to Aisha Boladale for making Erudite Millennium Ltd proud. She scored 91% to beat every other Cambridge A’ Level scholar in Nigeria. Aisha is a representative of our Oct/Nov 2022 set where we recorded 80% success rate.

to all of us at Erudite Millennium Ltd on this unique achievement

Special thanks to all Erudite fans out there. Your support has brought us this far.
To God alone be the glory


Grad post 1 of 5: aTTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

We were filled with joy yesterday at the send-off of the Erudite Class of 2023. It was our fifth Cambridge A’ Level set going! We were especially happy because there has never been an issue at Erudite Millennium Ltd. This is not due to our perfection but God’s protection and guidance. We have many reasons to be grateful to Him. Let us just narrate one:

There was a case of someone who wanted to sponsor two working class boys to attend Erudite after enrolling his daughter. One of them declined because he no longer fancied education as he claimed. Surprisingly and unfortunately, a week later we got a piece of sad news. While playing in front of their house in Lagos, he slumped and died. 😢

The sponsor really wanted him to be with us. His brother was expecting him to change his mind and join him. But, God in His infinite mercy chose to save our name.

If he had slumped and died one week after joining Erudite Millennium Ltd, some people might have said either our food wasn’t good or our water was contaminated or even more! Only God knows what enemies and frenemies would have said.

Why won’t we be grateful?
This year’s event was a better edutainment without Betta Edu in attendance. It was impressively scintillating without Cynthia.

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Grad post 2 of 5: MEET OUR SCHOLARS FOR 2023

Last year, it was easier to pick Erudite Scholars of the Year (male and female) because the difference was clear. This year, it was tough.

It was difficult to pick the better of two girls and the better of two boys. Therefore, we decided to conduct tests and series of quiz.

Eventually, one girl narrowly dropped while the two boys remained. Having 3 champs in 3 out of 4 subjects forced us to remove gender this year. Then we went for chemistry as the last subject. The chemistry winner was the biggest surprise. The management didn’t see it coming but other students saw it. A secondariless boy that rose to stardom at Erudite!

To cut a long story short, let me congratulate Hamidah Sunmonu, on her emergence as the Erudite Biology Scholar of the Year. Hamidah, thanks for showing the boys that this generation arguably belongs to the girls by making it to the finals in your 3 subjects (physics, chemistry and biology).

Congratulations to Abdulmalik Busari on his emergence as the Erudite Physics Scholar of the Year. Your school principal said he was giving us a solid guy and you did not disappoint him.

Shout out to Ibrahim Fatade, a good ambassador of Vanguards Academy, on his emergence as the Erudite Mathematics Scholar of the Year. With your 30/30 in the pre-quiz mathematics test, you made it difficult for anyone to beat you.

Congratulations to Hanif Aderolu on his emergence as the Erudite Chemistry Scholar of the Year. You are a testimony that homeschooling can produce great results.

Thanks to you all for coming, seeing and conquering.

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To the one and only student, Abdulbasit Yusuf, who used to clean our praying areas, wash our kettles, arrange our mats, control our public address systems, do our recordings among other things, we say a big thank you. Winning Erudite Most Responsible Male Student Award is small compared to greater things ahead of you.

To our selfless headgirl, Khadijah Adenipekun, who won the female counterpart, we say a big thank you. Thank you for bailing us out in many areas through your proactiveness.

To the two exemplary students, Abdullah Omotosho and Nadrah Ibrahim-Oladosu, who won Erudite Sterling Student Awards this year, we say thank you. We appreciate the worthy representations you gave us.

To our Malaysian student with Queen’s accent, Nabeelah Taofiq, who won Erudite Helping Hand Award for this year, we say thank you. We appreciate your selfless service at Erudite Millennium Clinic (EMC).

To the face of Erudite, Sanni Samiat, who won our first Leadership Award, we say thank you. You are a leader par excellence and you displayed this. I am not surprised that at your age, you have established your own NGO to help the society.

Congratulations to you all. I will miss you. ❤️
Thanks to your parents too for giving us responsible children.


Grad post 4 of 5: what parents say about erudite

Engineer Oludele Akintunde writes from Lagos:
‘Good morning sir, I just want to say thank you for the things deposited in Rachel at Erudite Millennium Ltd – the training, the discipline, the values, the pursuit of excellence and outstanding erudition, the inspiration to dream big, etc. I will surely keep in touch’.

Alhaja Silifat Adenipekun, Ado Ekiti:
‘Asalam alaykum warahmotullahi wabarakatu sir,
All thanks and adorations belong to Allah for the success recorded for this year 2023 Cambridge class. I equally appreciate the management of Erudite Millennium Ltd especially Mr Oladele for their support and care given to my daughter during her program at Erudite. May Allah reward you all abundantly and continue to bless the organization.
I also appreciate the award given to her, we are proud of Erudite and we are thankful to ALLAH that we partnered with Erudite. Jazakumullahu khairan. Up! Up!! Erudite’

Mrs Folasade Abidemi Oyinlola, Osogbo:
‘I want to say a big congratulations to you as well as the staff and management of Erudite Millennium Ltd for the journey so far. I didn’t know it was going to be easy this way but I can only see the mighty hand of God in your journey. God bless you all and I pray that you will not labour in vain over all these children and yours too by God’s grace. My heart is filled with so much joy because my adorable son is so excited to be a part of Erudite. At first, it was like I was trying to make my dreams come true but all I wanted was to ensure that he could stand tall to compete with anyone anywhere in the world irrespective of their skin colour and right now, I thank God for using you to bring out the best in him. I have no regret whatsoever.
A a ma ri yin ba ni agbara Olorun o’

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Grad post 5 of 5: knowledge of the future

Since Mrs Folasade Oyinlola narrated in a recent video how she enrolled her 14-year old son for Cambridge A’ Level at Erudite Millennium Ltd after SS2 without any regret, parents have been asking if their children too can spend SS3 with us.

Mrs Oyinlola has brought her son back to Erudite for Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Programme, so the journey continues!

He will so much enjoy the 4IR because it is fully packed with different skills from machine learning, Artificial Intelligence,  programming, website development, product designing, etc.

Helping one of the recent participants upload her post-4IR CV on a top UK university’s portal immediately attracted an unusual 10 000 pounds scholarship. Imagine the task of getting into the IT world and building a weather forecast app and successfully cloning a reputable company’s website and a bank app within 3 months! This is only achievable at Erudite.

No matter what your chosen profession is, you need these skills except you are not preparing for the future.

This is 21st century. An ordinary lawyer cannot prosecute Hushpuppi. An ordinary doctor will miss out on tricorders, 5G-enabled devices, nanomedicine, Internet of medical things, digital therapeutics and remote patient monitoring.

Erudite 4IR class is a window to the future. If you have missed it, your child should not get to the university without it.  Iran meji o ki n tosi.

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Erudite in recent news

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Poets, Others Celebrate Independence Day at Erudite

Poets and poetry enthusiasts converged at the Erudite Office Complex for the Readings and Conversations event on Thursday, 1 October 2020.

The event which was themed, ‘Bleak or Bright Post-60: Images of Nigeria in Poetry’, had in attendance renowned poets including Dr. Charles Akinsete of the Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Ibadan. Along with the panel of discussants including Ifesinachi Nwadike, author of ‘How Morning Remembers The Night’; Funke Awodiya, author, ‘Woman of a Woman’ and Salawu Olajide, author, ‘Preface for Leaving Homeland’, participants analysed national issues in the light of current realities.

Erudite Millennium Limited sponsored the poetry event as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility thrust for the year with the aim of encouraging artistic expression among young people.

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Professor D. O. S. Noibi visits Erudite Millennium Limited

We were happy yesterday to host Professor DOS Noibi,  Nigeria’s Foremost Arabic Scholar and Queen Elizabeth’s 2003 Awardee of Order of British Empire (OBE), at Erudite Millennium Ltd.
Professor Noibi described the methods we have adopted to teach Arabic as ‘the most modern, international and professional’!
He affirmed that within a period of 4 to 5 months, our material would enable students to speak Arabic fluently.
He commended Erudite Millennium Ltd for creating for Nigerians the opportunity to achieve a proficiency level in Arabic within a short period.

Don’t wait till we exhaust our limited spaces. Book your seat now at 7, Ayandipo Road, Aare Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan. Hostel facilities are available. 
Physical and online classes begin on Monday, the 17th of August, 2020. 
For enquiries, call 08138640660 or 07026748476.

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