Communication Courses

We offer top professional experience through a blend of discussion and hands-on workshops in Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Error-Free Communication, Writing for Career Development and Beginners French Class. We have designed these  courses to suit everyone. Let’s get you primed up to communicate ideas better through our range of special communication courses. Just click away…

Public Speaking

Welcome! To the public speaking class where we transform our clients to wordsmiths and influencers through the power of words and delivery. You can become the next person to sell ice to the Eskimos when you enroll in our Public Speaking class. Get convinced by previewing our Public Speaking syllabus

Unleash your thoughts, put them in our wagon of creative drivers. We can wheel your ideas from conceptualization to being a  self-published writer. Award winning Essay, Poetry, Book, Copy, Content Writing and Blogging, we are big on this platform with our creative team at Erudite. Don’t blink, just click and see how big we’re on our course contents

Creative Writing

Writing for Career Development

We teach how to catch fish! Now that’s deep sense! Our Writing for Career Development is geared towards equipping our clients with the right skills, eagle-eyed to write, official letters, reports, etc. This can become your next big break careerwise. For more information, journey with us via this link and see our course contents

This is our one of a kind class, the secret to standing out in writing and speaking, for what it’s worth, you’ll  be surprised at the daily blunders you make that give you away. Our Error Free Communication class is a ticket to speaking and writing like the native speakers of English.

Error-Free Communication

Development and Beginner's English and French Classes

Learn and speak English in just six months! Get trained by our French experts at Erudite. Take a swipe and see how you can speak French in just six months.

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