Grad post 4 of 5: what parents say about erudite

Engineer Oludele Akintunde writes from Lagos:
‘Good morning sir, I just want to say thank you for the things deposited in Rachel at Erudite Millennium Ltd – the training, the discipline, the values, the pursuit of excellence and outstanding erudition, the inspiration to dream big, etc. I will surely keep in touch’.

Alhaja Silifat Adenipekun, Ado Ekiti:
‘Asalam alaykum warahmotullahi wabarakatu sir,
All thanks and adorations belong to Allah for the success recorded for this year 2023 Cambridge class. I equally appreciate the management of Erudite Millennium Ltd especially Mr Oladele for their support and care given to my daughter during her program at Erudite. May Allah reward you all abundantly and continue to bless the organization.
I also appreciate the award given to her, we are proud of Erudite and we are thankful to ALLAH that we partnered with Erudite. Jazakumullahu khairan. Up! Up!! Erudite’

Mrs Folasade Abidemi Oyinlola, Osogbo:
‘I want to say a big congratulations to you as well as the staff and management of Erudite Millennium Ltd for the journey so far. I didn’t know it was going to be easy this way but I can only see the mighty hand of God in your journey. God bless you all and I pray that you will not labour in vain over all these children and yours too by God’s grace. My heart is filled with so much joy because my adorable son is so excited to be a part of Erudite. At first, it was like I was trying to make my dreams come true but all I wanted was to ensure that he could stand tall to compete with anyone anywhere in the world irrespective of their skin colour and right now, I thank God for using you to bring out the best in him. I have no regret whatsoever.
A a ma ri yin ba ni agbara Olorun o’