Grad post 1 of 5: aTTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

We were filled with joy yesterday at the send-off of the Erudite Class of 2023. It was our fifth Cambridge A’ Level set going! We were especially happy because there has never been an issue at Erudite Millennium Ltd. This is not due to our perfection but God’s protection and guidance. We have many reasons to be grateful to Him. Let us just narrate one:

There was a case of someone who wanted to sponsor two working class boys to attend Erudite after enrolling his daughter. One of them declined because he no longer fancied education as he claimed. Surprisingly and unfortunately, a week later we got a piece of sad news. While playing in front of their house in Lagos, he slumped and died. 😢

The sponsor really wanted him to be with us. His brother was expecting him to change his mind and join him. But, God in His infinite mercy chose to save our name.

If he had slumped and died one week after joining Erudite Millennium Ltd, some people might have said either our food wasn’t good or our water was contaminated or even more! Only God knows what enemies and frenemies would have said.

Why won’t we be grateful?
This year’s event was a better edutainment without Betta Edu in attendance. It was impressively scintillating without Cynthia.